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Audit Report : “Unconscionable”

September 16, 2010   //     //   Uncategorized, Video

Rodeo-Fargo Intersection

Fargo Rodeo Intersection

For months Andy Schaller has been requesting accountability for the report conducted by the Board of County Commissioners Internal Auditor regarding Engineering’s MSTU program. Schaller’s constant pursuit of performance driven results by the County has brought the true picture of the of county wasteful spending to light.

Commissioner Aaronson said the process was “unconscionable”. The Internal Auditor spent 1262 hours at a cost of $120 an hour totalling nearly $150,000 and came to no conclusion! Aaronson said this audit cost more than the Board spent on Scripps!

The video below reinforces Schaller’s outrage for the way some County matters are handled to the detriment of all tax payers.

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