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Santamaria: “We owe Mr. Andy Schaller an apology…”

September 19, 2010   //     //   Announcements

Santamaria apology

Commissioner Jess Santamaria wrote a memorandum to County Administrator Bob Weisman saying, “We owe Mr. Andy Schaller an apology for encouraging him to proceed and costing him thousands of dollars in expense and houndreds of hours of wasted time. I intend to reimburse him for his expenses but who can reimburse him for his time and aggravation? We all know how much effort he put into this for over one year!”

The memo concludes with the question, “What are we going to do to prevent a recurrance of this unfair treatment and injustice to other sincere and well-intentioned constituents?”

During one Friday afternoon meeting, Santamaria told Schaller that he would support Schaller if he ran for the County Commission District 6 seat.

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