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Schaller’s Opponent: “This medical arts district is a fraud…”

October 22, 2010   //     //   Newspapers

“This medical arts district is a fraud,” he said

The following excerpts come from Jess Santamaria’s statements to the Town Crier newspaper.

“This medical arts district is a fraud,” he said. “It’s not going to bring the 6,000 high-paying jobs that they’re talking about. It’s only going to increase the value of the real estate.”

“I am the only one who is really telling the truth,” he said. “I’m the one exposing the irregularities of government.”

Another goal upon his re-election, would be to help local businesses by providing free consulting and financing for businesses providing needed services.

“Lend money for good projects,” he said. “Lend money to the small businessman. Provide guidance to the business community. If you’re coming in and you want to open another pizza parlor… [government] should say, ‘We have too many pizza parlors already. What we lack are more tailors.’”

“The chambers of commerce are not doing their job,” he said. “Both chambers are just competing with each other. All they want is more new members to pay their fees. But they are not really giving good advice. They’re failing in that and are really making it worse.”

Read the entire article in the Town Crier.

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