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Mayor Sasser:”You should be afraid of Jess Santamaria – very afraid.”

October 30, 2010   //     //   Uncategorized

From: JP Sasser

Sent: Fri 10/29/2010 8:56 AM

To: jschultz@pbpost.com;

Cc: bcc-allcommisioners@pbcgov.org;

Subject: Santamaria and Amend 4


Several years ago I was quoted in the Palm Beach Post for making the statement that I thought Commissioner Jess Santamaria was ” an odd duck“. I was persecuted for that .This morning I learned in last night’s final debate it was revealed that Commissioner Santamaria donated $ 1000 to the Hometown Democracy group that is pushing for the passage of Amendment 4 !!! When pressed by his opponent Mr. Santamaria would not give a yes or no answer. I will give a quote this time – but it will not be printable!

If this amendment passes it will be disastrous for the entire State of Florida and kill small cities like Pahokee. My fellow elected officials in the Glades will not make a public stand for their cities. They don’t want to bite the hand that feeds them and are afraid of Mr. Santamaria. You should be afraid of Jess Santamaria – very afraid.

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