Andrew Schaller is running for County Commission District 6 as a no party affiliation, independent candidate.

Schaller’s decision to run for the office he turned to for help, is a direct reflection on the lack of results and representation he and his neighbors received from the current commissioner. Two years of attending the BCC meetings, meetings with individual Commissioners and countless meetings with his neighbors, has compelled Schaller to run for office. His goal is to make sure other citizens seeking the representation of the District 6 Commissioner have the quality representation they deserve and positive results they desire.

In March of 2008, Palm Beach County was preparing to start improvement projects on neighborhood roads in a community where Schaller owned a home. He questioned the design plans and policy of the Engineering Department as it applied to this neighborhood and a road that was dedicated to the public in 1912. After over a year of battling with the County, Schaller gained the support of the office of the County Clerk and Comptroller to audit the MSTU road program of the County Engineering Department.

The Clerk told Schaller that his knowledge, extensive research and informational materials, along with his website dedicated to the issue, were the most impressive effort of this nature that she had ever seen from a private citizen.  Schaller can apply this type of hard work, research and effort to a wide range of issues, for the benefit of all citizens in the county.

After more than 1000 hours of research by the County Internal Auditor, the Auditor decided the problem was very complex and beyond the scope of his department. The topic will be referred back to the full Board of County Commissioners for their further consideration. Schaller has the leadership and ability to give staff the clear direction that is needed to achieve desired results.

Commission Priorities

• District Representation – Return the power to the people.
• Accountability – Demand result driven performance.
• Housing – Promote incentives to protect home values.
• Unemployment – Pursue alternative job creation ideas.
• Water – Preservation of a healthy aquifer is paramount.


• 1965 – Born and grew up in Torrington, Connecticut.

• 1983 – 1987 – Saint Leo University, Saint Leo, Florida. BA Marketing.

• 1987 - Became a Palm Beach County resident and a District 6 resident in 1990.

• 1987 – Obtained Series 7 and Series 63 stockbrokers licenses.

• 1989 – Wrote a book titled, “The Penny Stockbroker’s Bible” and used it to educate his clients on the pitfalls of investing in penny stocks.

• 1994 – Founded Palm Beach Financial Exchange, Inc., an electronic banking company that serves businesses throughout the United States. His company’s computer software handles the recurring billing for businesses while accelerating cash flow, reducing operating costs, simplifying accounts receivable and reducing paperwork. Nearly 550 businesses have utilized his company’s checking, savings and credit card debiting services.

• 1999 – Purchased equestrian land in Wellington. Since that time he has designed and created Fine Equine, a dressage facility that caters to World Class riders and horses competing in the Winter Equestrian Festival. Fine Equine is a distinct and unique equestrian property that has been referred to as one the finest in Wellington.

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