District Representation.  District 6 has not had quality representation under the present Commissioner. He refused the nomination for Vice Chair of the Solid Waste Authority and upon re-election, would probably never be nominated for Chair or Vice Chair of the BCC. He has consistently neglected his responsibility to represent Palm Beach County in Tallahassee and is an ineffective communicator that has great difficulty garnering  the support of three other votes. I plan to win the election and represent the District properly and fairly. 

What kind of experience do you have in business, budgeting, finance and business management that will help make you an effective county commissioner?

For the last 23 years I have had a fiduciary responsibility to both individual clients and corporate clients. I have established both short and long term investment portfolios. 16 years ago, I founded and continue to maintain the daily operations of an electronic banking company that serves businesses throughout the United States. My company’s computer software handles the recurring billing for businesses while accelerating cash flow, reducing operating costs, simplifying accounts receivable and reducing paperwork. Nearly 550 businesses have utilized my company’s checking, savings and credit card debiting services. The software utilized is of my own design and handles about a million transactions per year with about 50% of the monthly activity occurring in the first five days of the month.

What areas of expertise will you bring to the Board of County Commissioners?
Among my greatest strengths is my ability to focus on a specific goal and see a project through from concept to completion. I am result driven and have the ability to envision the positive result upon commencement of a plan or stated goal. My research and retention skills are finely honed. People who work with me are motivated by commitment, abilities and insight.

Do you support single member districts for county commissioners? Do you believe a commissioner represents the entire county or just the district from which he or she is elected? Please explain.

I believe that representation should reflect the areas to be represented. Seven members of the BCC who stem from the same neighborhood or even possibly the same condo, would not be fair representation of the diversity of the County as a whole. Issues decided by the BCC have long term and long reaching effects on many if not all citizens and visitors. All issues to be voted upon require a majority for approval or denial. A commissioner needs to be well versed in all County issues to make informed voting decisions.

What will you do to promote professional conduct on the county commission?

I will treat everyone with the same courtesy and respect they deserve from an elected official that has been entrusted to carry out the public’s best interest. Citizens need to be assured that a commissioner understands their position and can effectively convey their point of view to the rest of the BCC for proper consideration. I will treat others as I would expect to be treated.

What is your position on a “strong mayor” or “elected executive” for the county?

I disagree with the idea of a “strong mayor” or “elected executive.” “Council-manager government encourages neighborhood input into the political process, diffuses the power of special interests, and eliminates partisan politics from municipal hiring, firing, and contracting decisions.” (Economic Council of Palm Beach County, Inc. website.)