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Land Donation

Recently, Palm Beach County Commission, District 6 candidate Andrew Schaller donated property he owned for a county paving project. The land was necessary for a drainage and utility easement. The land donation, valued at about $7800 will allow the County to proceed with their road improvement project.

As the County progressed with road improvement plans, it was discovered that Schaller’s property was the only property of 24 located along Fargo Avenue to not have signed over the property rights for easements. The easements for the other properties were recorded some time in the 1950′s or earlier. Schaller purchased his property in 1990 unaware of the easement issue.

County officials made Schaller aware of the situation as they developed the road improvement plans and he willingly volunteered to donate the land.


Palm Beach County Commission candidate Andy Schaller’s decade-long fight to get county managers to pave the dirt road next to his rural home may finally be coming to a close, after he agreed this month to donate part of his land needed to complete the project.

Schaller has taken aim at the county’s decision to place liens on property owners, even though construction is not expected to begin for months.

Schaller said the liens could make it difficult for property owners either to sell or refinance their homes.

“His was an issue that could have caused a delay,” Webb said. “It no way, shape or form did. He was very cooperative.”


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