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Powerhouse WPB

Thank you to Powerhouse Gym West Palm Beach for supporting Andrew Schaller for County Commission, District 6 again!

Powerhouse Gym is the one of the largest gym chains in the world; we are recognized for our commitment to serious fitness. Powerhouse will use the strength of its heart-felt identity to motivate and inspire every individual that steps foot into any facility bearing its name. We will create the desire for each member to reach their individual potential and provide the best equipment and knowledge available to help them reach their goals.

Powerhouse Gym Aerobics and Racquetball Club West Palm Beach was opened in 1999 and ever since has been one of South Florida’s premier facilities. Our goal is to help each member achieve their fitness goals as quickly as possible and to make fitness an intrical part of their lifestyle. We promise to offer a clean, non-intimidating environment to each individual at any fitness level.

We strive not only to improve longevity, anti-aging techniques, mental health, and combat obesity & high cholesterol, but also to attract active participation of mainstream fitness enthusiasts by providing excellence, superior equipment and service.