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The District 6 9Round is located in Royal Palm Beach in the Costco shopping center. Boynton Beach near Jason’s Deli is where you will find the other Palm Beach County location.

From the 9Round corporate facebook page: 9Round

The ultimate 30 minute, total body, boxing/kickboxing circuit! We don’t waste a minute of your time. It’s the END of boring cardio & the first workout is ALWAYS free!

9Round is a complete kickboxing workout that guarantees results for people of all ages. Each 30-minute session consists of nine stations. Each “round” is different and challenging. The best part about 9Round is that there are no class times; you show up and start your workout whenever you want… morning, afternoon, or evening. You work every muscle in your body simultaneously with no machines or silly routines. We provide the gloves, hand wraps, and trainer if you provide the hard work and positive attitude! In addition, 9Round offers franchise opportunities across the country. Regardless of your field experience, we have a proven business model and plan of action that’s simple and keeps the cost of entry low. Our small square-footage requires minimal equipment and a small staff. We’re “in your corner” every step of the way, so you’re always supported.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit the nearest 9Round today!