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SWA 6_11_14

The Solid Waste Authority (SWA) of Palm Beach County has declared; we need more garbage. The new mass burn facility needs to be tested at capacity to ensure the project is going to operate properly.

However, many people who attended the SWA argued that garbage should not be brought in from outside the county borders to accomplish the task of running the mass burn facility at 100% capacity for six months straight. The topic of legality arouse as to SWA’s legal ability to process garbage from outside the county.

Andrew Schaller, candidate for County Commission, District 6, was opposed to a Savannah, GA business making 850 mile round trips to Palm Beach County for the purpose of disposing of about 100,000 pounds of prescription pills per week. The revenue of about $1000 per week did not offset the negatives of turning the SWA Landfill into a pharmaceutical termination point for states as far away as Oregon.

Questions were also raised about asbestos and runoff waters into storm drain. Below is Andrew Schaller addressing the SWA Board.

The June 11, 2014 SWA meeting was the second meeting on this topic. The April 9, 2014 SWA meeting was covered in the following post:

SWA: We Want Your Out of State Pills; 100,000 pounds of pills per week

From the Palm Beach Post concerning the June 11, 2014 meeting:

Cash for trash: Palm Beach County endorses imported waste plan
Despite threats of a lawsuit from concerned residents, Palm Beach County commissioners decided Wednesday to take the next step in a money-making plan to burn imported trash at a new county waste-to-energy incinerator.

Sitting as the Solid Waste Authority governing board, commissioners voted 4-3 to seek proposals from companies interesting in supplying the supplemental waste, which could come from as far as Georgia.

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