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The Andrew Schaller for County Commission, District 6 campaign had its’ Schaller Campaign Kick Off on Thursday July 24, 2014 at The Grille Fashion Cuisine in Wellington. The event marked the official campaign start for Schaller who is the sole Republican in the race and will appear on the ballot for the November 4th general election.

The event was attended by individuals from around the district and the entire county. Everyone was welcome regardless of party affiliation and a broad spectrum of people participated in support of Schaller.


Schaller is well known in the County Commission chambers as a regular attendee for the past six years and speaking in front of the commissioners about 60-70 times on various topics before the commission. Earlier this year Schaller donated property to the county in order to facilitate the completion of a county project that he had been involved with since 2008.

In November Schaller will be facing the winner of the August 26th Democrat primary and a No Party Affiliation candidate in the general election.

To learn more about Andrew Schaller visit his website: