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Coke Bottles

In January of this year, a gentleman with whom I have never had a conversation with, never texted or emailed with or communicated with in any way to my knowledge made an outlandish comment about me on the internet. He said he would rather wipe his backside with a broken Coke bottle than vote for me for county commissioner. That was not exactly a mainstream comment.

When I read the comment, I was pretty surprised that someone I did not know would either feel this strongly about not voting for me or that this was just an off the cuff comment that was made in haste or in looking for some sort of reaction. The comment stuck in my mind and it seemed now was a good time to address it.

There is large public sentiment about Minto West and the impact it will have on the western communities. At a recent County Commission meeting, all but one speaker, about 50 in total, spoke out against Minto West increasing their density and intensity. Nearly 5000 petitions were submitted for the record in opposition to the Minto increases.

Since the meeting, many people have openly asked why the commissioners were not listening to the people. Letters to the newspapers and internet postings seem to echo the same question over and over. “Why don’t the Commissioners listen to the people?”

After attending or viewing almost every county meeting for the last six years, I want the voters of Palm Beach County, District 6 to know that I do listen and retain their thoughts. An elected commissioner serves all 1.3 million residents of the county and needs to be open minded to all view points and ideas from all residents. The commissioner needs to be representative of those who elected him or her and of their wants needs and points of view.

Every once in a while there will be that view point that will be just so outlandish that it is not worthy of practical consideration. This comment was one of those view points and I thought I would let the gentleman know that I care enough to address his comment about me and call it out for the “value” it had.

The election of a governing official is a very serious decision and should be treated with the proper respect that it deserves. When someone makes a mockery of our freedom and right to vote, I will call it as I see it.