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Wanderers 2b

This Thursday, October 16, 2014, there will be a fundraiser for the campaign of Andrew Schaller for County Commission, District 6 to be held at The Wanderer’s Club in Wellington, Florida.

The Host Committee for this event:

Ashley & Joe Maguire
Sherry & Darrell Bowen
Alan & Anne Gerwig
Linda & Larry Smith
Dr. & Mrs. Randy Laurich
Sue and Joe Talley
Mike Nelson
Rick Roth

Invite you to join us in support of Andrew Schaller for County Commission, District 6, for a fundraising event at The Wanderer’s Club in Wellington.

This event is open to everyone with the desire to meet with Andrew Schaller and help support his campaign to be the next district commissioner.

Contributions from $5 to $1000 are appreciated. You can also support the campaign with yard signs, bumper stickers, volunteer efforts and by spreading the word about the Andrew Schaller campaign.

Please RSVP to Kelly Jackson or call 561-818-9040.

If you would like to know more about Andrew Schaller, you can visit his website Donations are accepted at the website.

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Andrew Schaller, Republican, for County Commission, District 6.