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Mission Statement

The Council of Community Associations was created to be a major communications hub, provide helpful information, and operate consumer and business programs for its members and member organizations.

It seeks to represent all Wellington Homeowner Associations, serve as a community voice for homeowners, actively participate in local government issues and promote legislative and administrative action on behalf of its members, and provide the balancing viewpoints that public officials need to hear during the decision-making process.

It regularly examines matters affecting our communities, invites various points of view in order to build a consensus among its members, and coordinates with Village and County officials to present new ideas, discuss current issues, and answer questions on topics of concern to our members.

By taking a position, on behalf of its members, on critical issues — such as proper management of commercial and residential development, support for the equestrian community, management of the equestrian land and facilities, traffic control, road building, crime and public safety and health services — it seeks to change or direct courses of action affecting our members, enhance their property values and improve their quality of life.

Unlike the vast majority of publications, which express political preferences, and even endorse particular candidates, the Council of Community Associations has chosen to operate as a non-partisan organization tomaintain full credibility. Nonetheless, its executives retain the right, as all citizens in a democratic society have, to exercise their own personal political preferencesso long as they do not let personal viewpoints infringe on organization non-partisanship.

The Council of Community Associations is active in representing its members’ needs and concerns before its elected officials. It seeks to join with other homeowner coalitions in Palm Beach County to extend the collective influence of an amalgamation of homeowners. Members are encouraged to participate in the local political process by running for public office or by seeking appointment to one of the many boards that serve our city.


1. What is the main concern of your constituents and how would you address it?

The Seminole Pratt corridor poses major concerns for the developmental impacts of the projects that are in the planning stages. The property rights and lifestyles of existing residents need to be factored into any and all growth development. I will work to ensure the compatibility of any new development with existing neighboring properties. Building Board consensus to achieve the necessary votes to protect and preserve our district is paramount.

2. What specific proposals do you have to improve the quality of life for your constituents?

The Glades office of District 6 has not been routinely staffed or open to the public for the last five years. Residents of the Glades can rely on accessible representation conveniently located in their community when I am elected. The quality of life and the affordability of daily existence in the Glades requires all efforts to be made to bring jobs and peaceful streets to the communities. The first step is to be accessible.

I will work to protect and preserve the property rights and lifestyles of all Palm Beach County residents as I will in District 6.

My fiscally conservative decision making process will benefit the greatest number for the greatest good and be based upon sound business practices and fundamentals.

3. What specific initiatives would you propose to help small business owners?

As the owner of a 20 year old successful small business located in District 6, I fully understand the day to day operations and needs of a business. District guidance to local resources for the necessary components for success can be disseminated. Palm Beach State College is the host institution for the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in Palm Beach County. Professional expertise is available to small business owners and entrepreneurs to help in both the domestic and international marketplace. A listing financial institutions who provide SBA financing in the area can be provided to interested parties.

4. What specific local / state / federal education programs would you support?

Palm Beach County has a number of unique economic engines that can be further enhanced. Wellington has the equestrian industry and is located next to the Glades farming lands. A satellite campus of the University of Florida would help equestrians who travel to Gainesville for equine services and would also bring the agricultural program closer to home where the learning can be applied right outside the campus door.
5. What specific steps would you take to improve the local / state / U. S. economy?

There are a number of venues that are season specific that can be utilized more fully in the off season months. The equestrian grounds can be used for other non industry specific events as is the case with the International Polo Club and the various sporting events hosted during the non-equestrian months.

Evaluating alternative uses for county and privately owned venues opens many opportunities. Building on the concepts others have already put into place are car, motorcycling and racing activities, hot air balloons, fishing, the arts and film industry, team sports like lacrosse, field hockey, baseball, softball football, musical and festival. I look to how a venue or asset can be temporarily repurposed for even further benefit.

6. How can the Grapevine and other media assist in helping you meet the above goals?
Advertising beforehand and fair reporting are instrumental to the success of any promotion and event especially recurring events. A picture is worth a thousand words and video is even more valuable to preserve and promote future events.

7. What are your motivations for running for office?
My decision to run for office stems from the last six years of my involvement with the County and I want to help others benefit from my efforts and experience. I have attended or viewed most every County meeting in the last six years and have appeared before the BCC to speak more than 50 times on a number of issues. For the last 27 years, I have had the experience and responsibility of handling more than $1Billion of other people’s money through my career and electronic banking company. My personal achievements can benefit county residents.

8. Why should voters vote for you rather than your opponent?

My professional financial experience and my Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners experience is far more extensive and complete than the others. I have already proven that I can bring an issue before the BCC, from concept to completion over a six and a half year period, build unanimous Board consensus and achieve the desired outcome. My decisions are based upon facts and by looking at all vantage points of an issue and not on emotion.

I am a 24 year continuous resident of District 6 and have invested years of my own time and money for an opportunity to help others in a governmental system that I have come to understand very well and can help make a positive difference for the district.