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Your next county commissioner needs to have the ability and focus to bring an item before the BCC and see it through from concept to completion. I have that proven ability and can apply that proven success to other areas in our county.

After six and a half years, 13 county commissioners, five board chairs, two mayors and more than 50 speaking appearances, our neighborhood is finally getting the county mistakes fixed. During this time, I have gained a lot of valuable knowledge and experience that I can apply to the benefit of all county residents from my first day in office.

Combine my county governmental experience with my 27 years professional experience of handling other people’s money and you have the combination that makes me the best choice to be your district representative.

My electronic banking company, founded in 1994, has never raised their rates in 20 years, never had customer contracts to lock a customer into an agreement that was not in their best interest, has handled more than $1 Billion of other people’s money at an average of $40 per transaction amount.

Here are some pictures of the result of the last six and a half years working for my neighborhood to get the county to correct their mistakes.

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