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ALA Forum

The Acreage Landowners’ Association conducted a candidate forum at the Acreage branch library Monday, and among the attendees were the three candidates seeking the District 6 seat on the Palm Beach County Commission.

The forum let each candidate — Democratic nominee Melissa McKinlay, Republican nominee Andrew Schaller and independent candidate Michelle Santamaria — have a chance to make an introduction and answer questions.

Schaller noted that his lifestyle is more in tune with The Acreage community. “I own a horse farm. I live in an ag-exempt property. My daily driver is an F-350 Dually. I get the lifestyle,” he said. “I live here because I want to. I did not come back here to run for a job. I am not going to take a 300 percent increase in pay. It is a cut in pay for me to do this job, which I welcome.”

Schaller created an electronic banking company 20 years ago and also discussed his business philosophies.

Schaller said it is easy and to just look at his campaign finances, which he said do not show special-interest contributions, contributions from various other states or from Washington, D.C. “I am what I am, on my own, with all of you,” he said. “I am not controlled or beholden to any special interests, and there isn’t a dime from any developer in my quote ‘war chest.’”

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