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Dear Neighbors and Fellow Residents,

As election day approaches, I begin to reflect on the campaign, on the many unique and individual communities within County Commission District 6,  the numerous people I have had the pleasure to get to know and the important issues that face this district as a whole. I feel so blessed to be in a country where I am able to run for office while maintaining the values my parents taught me growing up, of hard work, community service,  treat everyone as you would like to be treated and a hand shake is a promise.

This is me. I am Andy Schaller and I am a businessman who wants to bring business solutions to our county government.  We live in a time where common sense isn’t common any more. Hard work is a thing of the past and government should take care of all our wants.  I believe we deserve better.  My opponents believe you run for office to get a better job. You move into the district you want to represent, not be a resident with roots in the community you want to serve. They believe your past financial history does NOT matter when you want to be the guardian of the public funds and where a “single mom” can’t make it on $8,000 per month.

I believe if you want a job, you better have the best resume to get that job

I believe an elected official should have long term roots in the community they want to represent.

I believe when you are given the job to guard the $4 BILLION of public funds, you better have a working knowledge and a proven track record of working with other people’s money.

I believe there are so many hard working, under paid single mom’s and dad’s in District 6, that it is not proper to put yourself in the same category of knowing what they go through each and every day, while you say you struggle on $8,000 per month and only have your children 60% of the time.  My heart goes out to the parents who struggle every day to put a roof over their children’s heads and food on the table and wake up and do it again every day. God bless them and their kids.

I believe I am the man to represent YOU, not special interests or my family owned businesses, but YOU the tax payers of Palm Beach County.

I believe I have the working knowledge of both the county government and the financial knowledge of working for over 25 years handling BILLIONS of dollars of other people’s money.

I believe the quality of life you chose in your community should be protected and I will protect it.

I believe we need someone to represent you who will fight to protect your tax dollars and your rights every single day.
If you believe what I believe, please help me with a financial contribution to my campaign TODAY!  I need to be able to get my message out in the final days while my opponents are attacking me and what WE believe.  Please contribute today, nothing is too small when you believe.

Thank you for following me on my web site. I hope it has been a useful tool for the election.  Please get out and VOTE November 4th or TODAY, early voting has started.

Thank You for your consideration.


Andy Schaller

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