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Andy BG

Two Things to Consider:

1. I have not spent one cent nor has anyone or any group associated with me in any way, spent any money on a mailer, radio ad or newspaper advertising to “BASH” or “Trash Talk” either of my opponents. I have presented factual, documented information 100% pertinent to the job of county commissioner.

My opponents have spent 10″s of thousands of dollars (SO FAR…) to bash me with labels, names, photoshop pictures, etc. The only reason to attack the messenger is because they can’t attack the message. In fact, the Democrats have more than once said that I should be on their “team” because “everybody loves you from the stump.” (meaning I do a very good job at the forums and speaking opportunities.) I was even offered support and the chance to join their party after the election.

Why? Because they respect me and my candidacy. Yet, I am not on their team. My name is not Charlie Christ. My name is Andy Schaller!

2. Shameful. The only word that comes to mind that fits how I feel is shameful! The Democratic candidate for county commission has told everyone how much she cares about us and she is running for us.

Minto West will impact our area and tens of thousands of people forever. She did not even have the courtesy to pretend to care and show up, let alone participate, at the BCC Meeting on Minto.

Instead, she thought it was more important to her to stand at the library and ask for your support and vote for her. This has been her pattern since she filed to run in October of 2013. She claims to have taken 9 weeks of unpaid leave to campaign and yet she can’t take one day to educate herself and experience the process that has the greatest impact to the Acreage in the history of the Acreage?

If that is your idea of good representation, cast your vote accordingly.

I would not have missed that meeting for anything. In fact I did not campaign at the early voting locations that day because I was in the Minto meeting and spoke out yet again against Minto’s overdevelopment.

I will also be governed by the next District 6 County Commissioner and I pray it is not either of my opponents. VOTE SCHALLER!