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Something to Think About

ALA Forum

Something to think about…

The school board races require a candidate to achieve a minimum of 50% + 1 of the votes to win the seat during the August elections. If no one candidate reaches that percentage in August, the

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Thank You

Andy BG

Thank You does not seem strong enough to express my feelings. No one owed me anything in this race yet many people gave to me and of themselves for OUR campaign.

The validation of me as a person and me …

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Negative Campaigning


The Campaign of Andrew Schaller for County Commission, District 6 did not do any negative campaigning. Instead I chose to use the campaigns of my opponents to show the differences between them and myself. During the forums and other speaking …

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Under Oath Santamaria Says

Santamaria Says

During a campaign for political office, statements and accusations are made and much of the time there is more spin than truth. The statements made under oath in a legal proceeding are held to a much higher standard and subject …

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