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Santamaria Says

During a campaign for political office, statements and accusations are made and much of the time there is more spin than truth. The statements made under oath in a legal proceeding are held to a much higher standard and subject to the laws of perjury. Those statements should carry more weight as a basis of fact than as a political advertisement. Jess Santamaria made statements under oath about Andy Schaller during a legal proceeding in March of 2012. Under oath Santamaria says:


“…He’s a real genius, there’s no question about it…”

“…Knowing how meticulous, how intelligent, number one, he’s a very intelligent man, there’s no doubt about that.

He is very intelligent. He’s very methodical, he’s very meticulous in everything that he does…..”

“…Because of his intelligence and meticulousness and his thoroughness

that he’s shown me over and over again, he’s as smart as they come…”

“…His behavior is evidence to me that he is a very thorough person who checks everything out…”

“…That’s the type of person he is. He’s very shrewd, he’s very smart…”

“…So he’s really good. I commend him on that…”

For more information on this topic, visit and view all of the depositions and trail transcript from Santamaria v. Schaller. Santamaria made Andy Schaller the 78th person or entity involved with him in a lawsuit. The six person jury, the lower court judge and a three judge panel of the Florida Fourth District Court of Appeals all found in favor of Andy Schaller.