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Andy BG

Thank You does not seem strong enough to express my feelings. No one owed me anything in this race yet many people gave to me and of themselves for OUR campaign.

The validation of me as a person and me as a candidate came every time I saw a yard sign on someone’s lawn, in their smile to wish me luck and in many similar forms of support.

I always knew and valued the level of responsibility this elected position carries with winning. It was that responsibility that was my motivating purpose for running. There is no doubt in my mind that I was running for all of the right reasons and purely and solely for the opportunity and privilege to give back to my community. This is a community that has given me a wonderful life and I wanted to make it even better for others.

While I am deeply disappointed for me, I feel badly for those who will not receive the benefit I could have brought to this position. I sat for six and a half years in the commission meetings wishing there was a commissioner “like me” that I could turn to for help. “Like me” means a person of the population at large who appeared in front of the commission with reasonable concerns and was blocked for years from receiving the proper consideration. Someone who could not understand the lack of clarity of vision by the Board to correct their mistakes. Mistakes of happenstance, mistakes of intention or calculated efforts called mistakes, regardless of labeling, they were negative results for the public.

There is no teacher like experience and I wanted to make sure every resident appearing before the Board would have the best possible experience. That did not mean everyone would get the outcome they desired. It meant that each decision I made would be fair and just based upon my own experience of having been in their shoes.

I wish the new County Commissioner all of the best success and hope everyone will unite to make our district better than it has ever been. Partisan politics have no place in our community as a neighborhood. We are a community of individuals who are governed by the actions of seven people who should have all of our best interests in mind.

The system worked. The will of the people was declared. The rest is yet to be written. In the coming days I will write a little something to give everyone an inside look at this election process through the eyes of this candidate. I have no sour grapes or axes to grind. However, the public has a right to know how this process of electing our commissioner really functions. Until then…


Andy Schaller