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Something to think about…

The school board races require a candidate to achieve a minimum of 50% + 1 of the votes to win the seat during the August elections. If no one candidate reaches that percentage in August, the top two vote getters move on to the November elections. The winner of 50%+ 1 in November becomes the new school board representative.

The county commission does not work this way because unlike a school board race, the county commission is partisian. The August primaries narrow down a field of candidates to one from each party. No party affiliation candidates automatically go to the general election.

In this commission race 46% of the voters have elected the commissioner who will govern us. That means 54% of the voters voted against the winner. The minority vote rules. Why isn’t the commission race like the school board race where the top two then proceed to a run off election?

Think of a scenario like a school board race… Two candidates, one Republican and one Democrat are in the race with five no party candidates. The no party candidates could dilute the vote and the winner of the election could win with less than 15% of the vote.

A new strategy could be to load up the election with shills to spread out the vote and counter act the fundraising mountains and control the process with people instead of dollars.

I believe consideration should be given to modifying the commission race to be more like the school board race and like those of other states.

Let’s close a corruption loophole before it is exploited.