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Realtors® Association of the Palm Beaches, Inc.

One Harvard Circle, Suite 102 – West Palm Beach, FL 33409

(561) 727-2760 • FAX (561) 727-2260

Candidate Profile

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Name: Andrew Schaller Address: 14306 Wellington Trace

City: Wellington State: FL Zip: 33467 Phone: 561-346-6719

Email Address: District: 6

How long have you lived in your district? 24 years continuously

Is this residence within the district for which you seek election? Yes

Do you own the residence you are living in now? Yes

Have you been convicted of a crime, other than a minor traffic violation? No



Occupation: Business Owner Employer: Palm Beach Financial Exchange, Inc. (est. 1994)

Business address: 9478 Rodeo Drive, Lake Worth FL 33467 Phone: 561-433-4338 (4EFT)

Duties: President/founder of a 20 year old electronic banking company that has handled the recurring payment transactions of more than 550 businesses across the US and Puerto Rico and totaling about $1 billion of transactions with an average transaction of about $40. I am responsible for all bank and account reconciliations, reporting, taxes, hiring/firing and oversee all software design and implementation.

Education: B.A. Saint Leo University, 1987; NASD Securities Licenses: Series 7 and 6, 1987.

List any pertinent involvement in civic, fraternal or religious groups: Wellington Chamber of Commerce, Central Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce, South Florida 912.


Office sought: County Commission, District 6

Previous elected office(s) held: None

What major endorsements have you received for this campaign?

My campaign is about to launch the official kickoff. I have not yet actively sought any endorsements. At this time I am the only Republican and do not have a Primary opponent.


Campaign Manager Name/Phone: Andrew Schaller, 561-346-6719

Campaign Treasurer Name/Phone: Andrew Schaller, 561-346-6719

Amount budgeted to win: Approximately $100,000 to $150,000

Amount raised to date: Fund raising has not officially begun. Two checks were volunteered totalling $250.

Current cash on hand: $1,000

Will you accept PAC contributions? Yes if the PAC is comprised at least in part of my constituents.

What account name do we make the PAC check out to? Andrew Schaller Campaign for C.C Dist. 6.



What are the demographics of your district: District 6 is probably the most diverse district in PBC. Covering 1600 square miles, Dist. 6 has agriculture to golf courses, dirt roads to paved landing strips, polo to poverty, Lake Okeechobee to Lake Worth Road and about every lifestyle in between. Ethnicities are equally diverse from many areas of the US and around the globe with young to old.

Have any polls been taken? When? What are the results? No current polls that I am aware of.

Why are you running for office? I am running for the office I turned to for help in 2008. Since that time I have been a semi permanent fixture at all counties meetings and know I can make a positive and instrumental impact on my county. I am running to make a community betterment difference in Palm Beach County. My desire is to give back to my community.

List in order of importance the 5 most important issues you plan to address and how you plan to address them:

1. District RepresentationDistrict 6 has not had representation as the board chair, now mayor, in the last eight years. The Glades regional office has not been open to the residents in four years. My commission office will have regular hours and I will work my hardest to be Mayor.

2. District 6 GrowthThree major projects are in the works that will have a definite impact on the region: Highland Dunes, (PB Aggregates), Minto (Callery Judge Groves) West, and the Avenir (Vavrus) development. I will work to protect and preserve the property rights of all owners and lifestyles. (GL Homes potentially is a fourth consideration.)

3. TaxesMy duty and responsibility will be to safeguard public funds and properties. This means assessing wants versus needs and the impact upon all taxpayers. I will apply my fiscally conservative business successes to my county public responsibilities.

4. WaterPreservation of our aquifer is paramount. I will work to limit the negative exposures of deep rock mining and runoff waters into our lakes and canals. Water touches water and must be protected above and below ground.

5. Insurances - FEMA Flood insurance and Property insurance costs could further strap taxpayers and their ability to meet existing tax obligations. I will work to ensure our rates reflect our true conditions. (Okeechobee water levels, flood zones, etc.)

Please discuss the county’s millage rate. Do you think it is too high, too low, or where it should be given the current economic environment?

Every year I sit in chambers during the tax meetings and listen to people express their wants and needs. Some of those needs are actual and some are perceived needs. The millage rate has to reflect the level of services required of the county. The current county millage reflects the county directly competing with the private sector for some services. Examples of that are golf courses, swimming pools and a hotel. Until a baseline of needs is established, the millage rate is an abstract of county services and responsibilities. I believe the county has an obligation to supply services necessary to ensure the health and safety of residents. Beyond that, everything is subject to available funds and economic conditions.

Do you know any Realtors®? If so please list their names below: 1. Darrell Bowen 2. Donna Burke 3. Mark Chiaravalloti

I hereby authorize the Realtors® Association of the Palm Beaches, Inc. to make available to its members, for review, my response to the questions contained in this profile. I further authorize the Realtors® Association of the Palm Beaches, Inc. to advertise its recommendation of my candidacy, if granted, in any manner permitted by law.

Signed: Andrew F. Schaller Date: April 22, 2014

Fax to the attention of Matthew Leger at (561)727-2260