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Candidates for office can be placed on the election ballot by qualifying to run for office. The qualifying process means either the candidate pays a filing fee or the candidate collects petitions from at least 1 percent of the voters in the district of the candidate’s desired office. The petition merely says the petition signers ask that the candidate be allowed on the election ballot. It is not an endorsement or pledge of support for the candidate but simply a request to put the candidate on the election ballot.

Please print, fill out and return, by mail, the petition below to help Andrew Schaller appear on the 2014 ballot for the office of Palm Beach County Commission, District 6. Thank You.

Schaller Campaign Petition

1S-2.045 Candidate Petition Process.
(1) Qualification by Petition.
(a) A person who seeks to qualify as a candidate for any office and who meets the petition requirements of this rule and Sections 99.095 and 105.035, F.S., is not required to pay the qualifying fee or party assessment required by Chapters 99 and 105, F.S.

(2) Required Number of Signatures. Except in a year of apportionment as specified in Sections 99.095 and 99.09651, F.S., a candidate shall obtain the number of signatures of voters in the geographical area represented by the office sought equal to at least 1 percent of the total number of registered voters of that geographical area, as shown by the compilation by the Department of State for the immediately preceding general election.

Multiple Petition Form

Please use this form for multiple petition signers. Thank You.